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Author's Note

Visit my web site for updated information regarding this book, including possible bug reports and new code listings. You can address mail regarding problems in this book to [email protected]. Although I'll also try to answer any easy questions you may have, I can't make any promises. I'm usually pretty busy, and my cat refuses to learn the Windows API.

I'd like to thank everyone at Microsoft Press for another great job in putting together this book. I think this "10th Anniversary Edition" of Programming Windows is the best edition yet. Many other people at Microsoft (including some of the early developers of Microsoft Windows) also helped out when I was writing the earlier editions, and these fine people are listed in those editions.

Thanks also to my family and friends, and in particular those more recent friends (you know who you are!) whose support has made this book possible. To you this book is dedicated.

Charles Petzold

October 5, 1998