that’s not funny – shining boy and little randy

That’s not funny!

1. Switch video overlay off & make a screen capture with Windows Media Player.
2. Paste in Microsoft Word!
3. Register a WordPress blog with Microsoft Word.
4. Publish the document to the WordPress blog without doing anything.
5. Locate the wordpress blog + locate the image. Right click and select the image location.
6. Log into
7. Upload an image & Paste the image URL
8. After the post is complete, copy the post URL
9. Paste the image post URL into facebook.
10. The image will show up as thumbnail!!!

Without to save to any storage media. Indeed, the image is saved to one of the Windows TEMP directories. Even if there is no permission to access it directly.

INTERESTING…isn’t it? All this effort for just one facebook post, just one image.

THEN…people just don’t care they do not even look.

AND…after a while…Facebook is just hiding the post.

WOW…this is so…unbelieveable.


tomorrow…or better say later on today, I copy Shining Boy and little Randy on a USB drive to watch on my Android tablet.

Downloaded one Beyblade clip (21 minutes) today from my skydrive. There is actually only one Beyblade clip!



I could watch it on youtube. I could watch it on DVD (I even have some).
But I really try to use internet for free now as kind of a sport.

Maybe I will buy a new wireless modem again soon anyway.

Yes I even have the 2 VCDs box here with me in my backpack and I sit here in front of a desktop PC with a DVD drive.

So… I could watch the movie (plays in Thailand in the late 1980s) right now if I wanted to.


I tried two days ago, and stopped after 25 minutes. Dropped off.

I saw it already anyway in December 2010.

Weird eh? Worrying about how, why and when to watch a movie you already saw.

This is a luxury I really allow for myself. I think I really log into my chinese internet cafe account tomorrow, copy it on a flashdrive, and watch later on using my Android tablet.

Oh yes I used to have a large PC tower…I still have access to it.

I cleaned it actually yesterday this took more than 2 hours!

Soon I will get the cables ready and look for a flat panel.
It is just not ready today. As a matter of fact.

Tetsumu. The other kids in the school say he stinks of animals! Well… it is just a movie. But I saw that scene 2 days ago (again). I really want to watch that movie again.

Have dumped off most of my DVDs but a few I really keep they stay with me.

So much talk just about watching one movie (from Hong Kong, 2 VCDs for 8 dollar) which I saw already in December 2010.

Well…you can buy it too from Hong Kong for only 8 dollars.

Or do you actually steal movies? Download them somewhere?
I do sometimes with Beyblade (not available anymore), or with movies I paid for full price and which I already saw some years ago. It is not really stealing.

I never do it with new movies not one single instance of it. Really! I mean, there is really not it.

OK yes I watched a lot Susumu Hirasawa on the internet- never bought any of the CDs.

1. Not available here in our country or very difficult to buy.
2. He’s famous and definitively not in the need for my 1 or 2 dollars which really arrive into the pockets of a music artist.

I mean, I pay 20 or 30 dollar, and the artist in the end only gets one or 2 dollar. For western mainstream it is really like that- there are 10 other people who do not really work or who do not work at all but who in the end, will get the mayority of the payments.

Marketing. Agents. Promotion. Advertising. Recording Studio. Distributor. Shops. Especially shops in cities cost 10.000s each month and all included in the price.

I gave many 1000s of Euros to these people during my life already.

Oh…facebook is not a diary or weblog? Well I do not care I use it for this purpose or any purpose I see fit. And later I copy each entry to a real blog- why not?

Maybe I am kind of arrogant to decide about what is stealing and what not- if in real life it really would be stealing. But I think, sometimes it is not really stealing.

I did not watch any movie during 2 years or so- at least not full length. Not anymore. And before of that I had 130 or 150 DVDs dumped them off all of them. I did not steal or download any of them.

The point is really I want to copy the 2 VCDs on a flashdrive and watch on a tablet PC.

Many DVDs have copy protection- even if you pay for them, you can not use them freely. Or they get a scratch and all that.

It is annoying. And people are able to bypass the copy protection anyway and rip off tracks.

Harry Potter DVDs are weird- some of them need a special software just to watch them.

And most Audio CDs I ever saw don’t work correctly in computer drives- the other way round as well- most CD ROMs with audio drives don’t work in a discman or cheap boombox.

Youtube recently locked out a small video clip I made- 1.20 minutes! One track from a commercial CD from Japan. It is actually “admininstred” by EMI- never heard of that.

I disputed it on youtube.

EMI rejected it- that’s so lame! About 100 views! 1.20 minutes.
I have diffculties even to laugh about that.

Listening to that track inside the car many times- and suddenly, I am not allowed to listen to it anymore. Oh well yes I should try to import this CD for 50 dollar just for ONE SINGLE FLIPPING TRACK- right? Oh yes right.

Weirdo from EMI. Protect EMI empire 1.20 minutes.

Don’t even think it will ACTUALLY INCREASE SALES.

As I often say- I do not like music.

Even if it is a bit lying- sometimes I like music.

Actually it works here on the desktop PC on youtube- not locked out!

Same country- I tried with my tablet Android PC- it is locked out.

So weird. Really EMI get a life. I can listen to it anyway. I’d really like to buy the CD or even new CDs from that artist one day.

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