68k computer system, first test, power up bootloader and RAM PCB.

bootloader and memory module stacked together
bootloader and memory module stacked together posted by (C)tetsu-jp

finally after a time of more than 3 years, I am getting more close to realize this project.
A small scaleable 68000 computer! It is based on exchangeable modules, for instance the address decoding is done on an extra PCB. All the modules can be exchanged, while at first, I use manually wired prototype PCBs, later on this will be printed PCBs from a factory.

Right now, I have a 256 KByte RAM module available, completely wired, and it is powered up. Well nothing happens, because there is no code in the bootloader firmware.

It is not that hard to load some data into the RAM, and this will be subject of the early tests.

power up bootloader + RAM
power up bootloader + RAM posted by (C)tetsu-jp

If you are interested in this computer, contact me, introduce yourself, the intended purpose, and how much money you have available for it. This computer can be customized, and the modules system is highly flexible. First factory PCB based prototypes will be available within a few months.

The big advantage is it does not need EPROM, has serial port, USB also possible. I plan to interface an external USB memory stick disk drive, means I do not have to develope a DOS myself. these drives cost about $30 to $35.

All custom code that you require also is subject of detailed specifications provided by you, and hourly rates. If you know exactly what you require, it can be implemented more quickly. If you just have some ideas, I also have to do design myself.

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