On this blog you can find entries about these topics:

  • Microcontroller circuits, mainly based on PICs
  • Electronic circuits
  • Asian food
  • Reposts of selected news articles, mainly about global topics as well science and technology

On the pages (menu at the top), you can find articles about these topics:

  • Beyblade
  • Windows C++ programming and DirecX programming
  • Selected chapters from the AAC online ebook are mirrored here with tags added

If you have a valid communication you can contact the blog owner on skype:

takao21106 – I do not respond to unsolicited calls or video calls.

You can also use email: takao21203 at

You must write the subject (about this blog), and you must write a comprehensible text which is about a topic. Otherwise it will be deleted, if you include URL twice or the URL is weird or if you talk about money in any kind in an unsolicited way, your mail will be deleted immediately.




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