Utopia the game

Utopia Creation of a Nation – Gremlin 1991

Utopia creation of a nation

Its a Sci-Fi trading and strategy game, set to the year 2090. You need to colonize the planet, and make money, as well research technology and build up defense. Ultimatively you need fuel and ore.

Its all quite self-explanatory- here one hint, you need to build radar stations to find deposits.

By leaving it to you to find out all the details, its much more fun (I did some years ago when it was just new on the market).

Here are the two game disks, I also include a save disk ADF (with a new world scenario I played).

disk 1 – insert into DF0 disk 2 – insert into DF1 AMIGA Kickstart 1.3 ROM

Also here the hard to find “Utopia New Worlds” Expansion disk (used the same way as disk2, which indeed is the scenario disk).

The New Worlds Scenario disk A city I built – save disk

You can use WinUAE to play: http://www.winuae.net/

How to make it work? First you need to enable both floppy drives and load the two ADF files into them. Set the speed to 800% or it takes quite long.

It is very likely the game will crash after the intro, you need to try around with the options. The sound might be broken too. But it can be made fully working. Enjoy! You need to select these options, among other settings:

Amiga 500 OCS or ECS

512K CHIP, 512K SLOW MEM (not fast memory)

Cycle exact (actually only required during loading, you can even change the CPU later, animations/scrolling will be faster).

Sound buffer to 8 at least, and 22 KHz, filter off


Utopia includes ten scenarios, all with a different planet and a different alien race. The scenarios are named according to the alien races:

Eldorians, Vroarscans, Soomanii, Kal-Kriken, Catalytes, Squiz-Quijy, Pascalenes, Tilikanthua, Vanacancia and Lucratians.

data disk called Utopia: The new worlds was later released by Gremlin. This disk required the original Utopia and could not be played as a stand-alone game. It included the following scenarios:

Foralbo, Parillatians, Chevanno, Old-Worlders, Sarturians, Sal-Kadeem, Rako-Gorda, Key-Guardians, Darjakr’Ul and Temarkians.

The “Old-Worlders” were said to be humans, coming from Earth’s earlier attempt to colonize the same planet. In practice, they were handled just as another hostile alien race. The terrain of the Sal-Kadeem planet was unique in that it was mostly covered with silver-colored oil that was impossible to build on. Buildings were restricted to tiny patches of habitable land.

game guide on lemonamiga: http://www.lemonamiga.com/games/docs.php?id=1728

ingame music (MOD format) http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Utopia_-_The_Creation_of_a_Nation

strategy guide http://www.gamefaqs.com/snes/588827-utopia-the-creation-of-a-nation/faqs/56549

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