Kai Hiwatari

Kai Hiwatari[edit]

Kai Hiwatari
Beyblade’ character
Voiced by Urara Takano (Japanese)
David Reale (English)
Japanese name 火渡カイ (Hiwatari Kai)
Bit-beast Dranzer (Suzaku)

Kai Hiwatari (火渡カイ Hiwatari Kai?) is the captain of the Bladebreakers and one of the main protagonists throughout most of the anime series. He is the keeper of the phoenix bit-beast Dranzer (or, in the original Japanese version, Suzaku), the phoenix god of the South in Japanese/Chinese legend, and is introduced as the team captain of the Blade Sharks, as well as the beyblade world champion. He tends to have a moody and introverted persona. After the Regional Tournament, the director of the Bladebreakers offers Kai a position as team captain of the Bladebreakers.

At the World Championship, he leaves the Bladebreakers and joins his grandfather (Voltaire), and his team, the Demolition Boyz. After battling with members of the Bladebreakers, Kai acknowledges his role as leader of a great team and rejoins the Bladebreakers for the championships. During the second season, Kai retires from beyblading to attend the Whitney Prep School. At his school he is attacked by Dunga from the Saint Shields, and they have an intense match that ends in a tie. Kai rejoins the bladebreakers and helps defeat Team Psychic and their Cyber Bit-beasts. He later pairs up with Ray for the tag team beyblading championships, but he loses his battle against Zeo in the semi-finals, along with Dranzer. Dranzer returns to Kai’s blade after Tyson beats Zeo in the finals.

He has a son, Gou Hiwatari, who appears briefly at the end of the manga battling Tyson’s son Makoto. His mother is unknown.

Kai’s beyblades for the first season are Dranzer Spiral, Dranzer Flame, and (temporarily) Black Dranzer. Their attacks are Fire Arrow, Flame Saber and Black Saber, respectively. In the second season, he uses Dranzer Flame, Dranzer Volcano, and Dranzer Volcano 2. In the third season he uses Dranzer Volcano 2, Dranzer Gigs, Dranzer Gigs Turbo, and Dranzer Metal Spiral.

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