Tyson Granger

Tyson Granger[edit]

Beyblade’ character
Voiced by Motoko Kumai (Japanese)
Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin(English)
Japanese name 木ノ宮 タカオ (Kinomiya Takao)
Bit-beast Dragoon (Seiryuu)

Tyson Granger, known in Japan as Takao Kinomiya (木ノ宮 タカオ Kinomiya Takao?), is the main character of Beyblade. In the Japanese version of G-Revolution, Takao’s nickname is “The Champ.” Tyson is voiced by Motoko Kumai in the Japanese version, and by Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin in the English version. Tyson is very outgoing, outspoken and cheerful, though prone to a short temper, emotional outbursts and overconfidence. By the end of the series, he is a more introverted character and more serious about his responsibility as the beyblade world champion. His closest friend and confidant throughout the series is Kenny, with whom he goes to school in V-Force, and who battles alongside him as his beyblading partner in G-Revolution. By the end of the series, Tyson develops a unique relationship with Kai, who also becomes one of his close friends. The beyblades he uses are:

  • Season 1: Spin Dragoon, Dragoon Storm, Dragoon Fantom (released as Dragoon Fighter in toy line)
  • Season 2: Dragoon Fantom, Dragoon Victory, Dragoon Victory 2
  • Season 3: Dragoon Galaxy, Dragoon Galaxy Turbo, Dragoon Metal Storm, Dragoon Metal Storm Ultimate Version


  • Hiro Granger (in Japan, Hitoshi Kinomiya (木ノ宮 仁 Kinomiya Hitoshi?): Tyson’s older brother, a wise blader with much knowledge to offer in Beyblade G-Revolution. He has analter egoJin of the GaleHurricane Jin (疾風のジン Shippu No Jin?) in the Japanese version. Hiro was the one who first taught Tyson how to beyblade. He initially joined theBEGA League as Brooklyn’s coach, but later joined the G-Revolutions to bring BEGA down and defeat Brooklyn. His bit-beast is called Metal-Driger.
  • Mr. Granger (in Japan, Tatsuya Kinomiya (木ノ宮 龍也 Kinomiya Tatsuya?): Tyson’s father, known as Bruce in the dub version, an archaeologist who is dedicated to finding out how bit-beasts work, where they came from, and why they are in beyblades themselves. He travels all over the world to find his answers.
  • Mrs. Granger: Tyson’s mother, about whom Tyson himself knows very little, as she died when he was only four months old. In the English manga, Tyson protects a bed of flowers from being trampled during a training session with his grandpa, saying, “Before she died, mom loved them.” His grandpa briefly thinks of Tyson’s mother, calling her “Yoshie”. In her picture, she wears her hair in a ponytail, a trait that appears often in the Granger family.
  • Ryu “Grandpa” Granger (in Japan, Ryūnosuke Kinomiya (木ノ宮 龍之介 Kinomiya Ryūnosuke?): Tyson’s grandfather, a Samurai dojo trainer who raised Tyson in Tokyo. He often publicly embarrasses Tyson with his out-there attitude. A running gag in the anime is that he constantly points his kendo stick at people and tries to recruit them to his training.
  • In the end of the Beyblade manga (vol. 14), Tyson has a son named Makoto Kinomiya, but his wife is never revealed.

Personality and Relationships

Tyson is a strong-willed Blader who is not afraid to speak his mind and in doing so, he seems to get into more trouble than most kids his age but he handles those troubles very easily.

Tyson is famous for his sense of humor which declines with each passing season until he becomes a young man beyblading seriously.

Tyson is a really popular person inside the series. He had a lot of fans, even when he was an amateur. When he first won the regional tournament, many people picked up Beyblading just to be like him and defeat him. He has a lot of fans in his school as shown in Beyblade V-Force, much to Hilary ‘s dismay. Although he is popular, he doesn’t seem to have many close friends outside of his beyblading ones. His closest friend throughout the series has been Kenny whom he goes to school with. But later, through the series he has developed very unique relationship with Kai, who became his closest friend. Outside of Beyblade, Tyson doesn’t make friends easily because of his aggressive nature, but he usually leaves a profound effect on the ones he does, completely changing their attitudes and way of life.

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