train to Narita

京成電鉄 (by Takao K)

I was thinking…NOW is the opportunity to start record a nice video as memory. Maybe kind of the last bridge going over a river in Japan.

There was a SEGA World game playing hall.

It was early morning.

It stopped at the right moment too.
I am happy with this recording.

Of course, various people live inside these buildings too.

A SEGA world…when I started to discover it some years ago (a long while from now), it was so radically different from the bad education system. It was interesting.

I did not understand how it works inside. Not at all. Or how such a game is produced. My imagination was not strong enough to understand about it.

Nowadays, people can use the internet to research such a thing.

I learned all about this technology. Not all, but enough to understand how it really works inside.

2 I do not play SEGA Master system anymore. I have outgrown it. The games are no longer challenging. I played again some cartridges in the late 1990s…

In the mid 2000s I bought two SEGAs again but I did not really play.

Maybe I have really outgrown it. Maybe it was not the right time.

3 Then in 2013 I really visited Japan! Where this technology came from. But there is more to Japan than just SEGA. Or electronics technology. Indeed, I did not have any contact with SEGA or electronics technology.

I think I never really want to stay as tourist, in a hotel, and do sightseeing. For one it is expensive. And there is no challenge to it.

I try myself to figure out if Japan for me really is some kind of SEGA world. I think, it is not. Not really. When I arrived, I saw Tokyo bay a bit- Kawasaki, and Yokohama. So this was the place from which SEGA arrived to our country some while ago.

For sure playing SEGA did change my life. They are not even originally japanese! Oh. yes. I played Nintendo too…

And I played other games. Like Dungeon Siege, or the 3 STALKERs, and World of Warcraft.

It is not so interesting for me now. I don’t play games now for a while. Recently I tried Baseball from 1990 on a Cabinet here in Ireland!

It is no longer really important for me.

4 So trying to learn how a SEGA machine works inside…the pathway as such was the destiny. Not actually to use this knowledge.

If you watch NOBODY KNOWS (Daremo Shiranai), there is really it. Sell your games…

Akira one day goes to his high school, and he bought a new game. But his “friends” produce excuses. They do not really want to play it…

There is really a connection to computer games too in this movie.

This is why it impressed me so much. When I started to play SEGA I was 13 years old too (a random coincidence). But of course it was different.

I am not getting carried away too much by SEGA these days. In Japan I did not even try to go inside a gaming hall. Or to examine games in a shop. Even if I saw it in a large supermarket (where they had a lot of manga too).

I brought two Beyblade cartoon books…and some real Beyblade spinning tops too.

Oh yes I actually play with them regularily. It is not so complicated to do it. Just spin them up and let it rip (and introduce it to people).

5 Maybe it is BEYBLADE WORLD now.

But there was it- SEGA World- when I left on a commuter train (Keisei line).

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