introduction to dolphins

Tursiops truncatus, Bottlenose Dolphin   s, Spinner Dolphins, Amazon Pink Dolphins. Introduction to Dolphins Dolphins are very intelligent and they seem to be well loved by humans. This aquatic mammal has been able to fascinate us in a variety of ways. They are curious, form strong bonds within their pod, and they have been known to help humans in a … Continue reading

really take me serious


Really take me serious by my work. For instance I created this pattern. It is not supposed to represent or mean anything and there are no hidden messages contained. It is just harmonic within itself.

It does not need to spill a big name or an university or a recognized style. It does not really cost money or needs a golden frame.

Most of so-called art indeed is not art. some of it even is kind of degenerate. Don’t call me a Nazi- degenerate art really exists.

I really try hard and often I remove pictures again because they are not good enough. Try again some day. Try harder.

recent arrivals (dungeon siege 1 demo)


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Recent Arrivals! 1. a booklet about the irish Cuchulainn 2. Source Code, this is a movie. I got the DVD for discount price. 3. Crystal Clear box artwork. This is a sugarfree drink which is sold in the UK. 4. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un looking at tiles. 5. And last not least, Beyblade Bakuten Shoot original series by Takao … Continue reading