C language on MSDOS…

C program which I wrote. It can set pixels, draw a circle, and draw a box. All very primitive- technology from 30 years ago. It is old graphics card and MSDOS (FreeDOS) which runs in a hard drive partition. C compiler is not free but it is not sold anymore. Software from 1992! Eventually it is Borland C++. It can … Continue reading

obscure and ancient graphics card for IBM PC

I wrote a small C program for this graphics card. It is a CGA model which was used in early 1980s! After a while it really works. A lot of effort is required to set a single pixel. 320×200 in 4 colors… Borland C++ is used but this program is just plain C language. Tables are used to set and … Continue reading

Compressing file system (LINUX)

Compressing file system – LINUX When I installed MPLABX + all the C compilers, about 98% of the hard drive partition was used. There are about 20000 files or more! 1. I created a new partition, and moved 4.1 Gigabytes installation there. 2. I copied back to another partition, and deleted. Then I simply remounted the partition as compressed, and … Continue reading

laptop repair job


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laptop repair job- high-res pictures. the usb port was broken + there is only one. it is a 10 years old machine, 1GHz + 512 MB RAM. State of the art in 2002. Stil works well enough for facebook and skype and even to reencode some short videos. The windows install broke + the license is only for WIN98SE (I dont … Continue reading

68000 single board computer prototype

Not many people have built single board computer this way. It only has 8 MHz CPU speed. You can get a STM32 board which has 170 MHz for little money, or a so-called Raspberry PI also for low price. … What is interesting here is the challenge because it is so difficult to build it manually. There are even no schematics! I … Continue reading

ewaste recycling facility wuhan china


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An employee sorts discarded computers at a newly opened electronic waste recycling factory in Wuhan, China. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, e-waste is the fastest growing commodity in the waste stream, with a growth rate five times that of other parts of the business. http://www.chinawhisper.com/the-disaster-of-e-waste-in-china/ Mounds of electronic waste pile up each day in Beijing’s Houbajia village as … Continue reading

How to use japanese language for LED matrix scrolling message tag

How can this be done? It is not so easy, as the LED matrix does not understand UNICODE. I have digitized japanese katakana font from a character LCD, about 5120 individual bits. This exists as binary data inside the microcontroller. I want to write the scrolling message on Windows PC, and transfer the text via USB. There are many individual … Continue reading

LED matrix scrolling messsage tag

Recently I have constructed two small LED matrix scrolling message tag. A 16F57 controller was used. The program was written in XC8. Almost all of the program FLASH is used (nearly 90%). Since this is for demonstration only, I made the source code available: http://pic.hitechworld.org/data/ledmatrixtag/ One board has 10 columns and 5 rows, the other has 2 additional columns (12 columns, … Continue reading

LCD computer

I have one 1.8″ color TFT circuit working now. Recently I connected Nintendo Gamecube control pad. Today I actually connected the 3 wires! I want to test scrolling capabilities. A circuit for larger 2.4″ display is currently under construction. It has 512 K RAM, and a large controller chip. The old prototype is also shown, based on a small 44 … Continue reading