Now on instagram buy electric parts here Arduino modules, transistors, LEDs, ICs, radio parts, neon lamps A new LED lamp I made! 2x 3W chips, MT3608 booster, lithium battery from mobile phone power bank, USB charger TP4056. Using a wifi speaker globe as diffusor! It works quite well and the battery lasts about 24 hours.

2013-1-28 : LED growbox for radish plants

2013-01-28   LED grow box I am growing radish plants in a small box! Not Marijuana of course. I bought the radish plants grow kit in a 2 Euro shop here in Ireland. No joke. Here are the plants A LED matrix timer is used. I have built this timer myself But what is the reason to open a new … Continue reading

TL494 SMPS – switching mode power supply

this is a prototype I have built for research purpose. Recently I have learned how to use MOSFET technology. 1x VGA cooler is used together with IRF9540 p-channel MOSFET. 20V/100A welding transformer is used as voltage source! With no load, DC output is about 60V. 1x 12V 50W bulb for testing. Actually today I tried a second bulb in parallel … Continue reading