Compressing file system (LINUX)

Compressing file system – LINUX When I installed MPLABX + all the C compilers, about 98% of the hard drive partition was used. There are about 20000 files or more! 1. I created a new partition, and moved 4.1 Gigabytes installation there. 2. I copied back to another partition, and deleted. Then I simply remounted the partition as compressed, and … Continue reading

laptop repair job


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laptop repair job- high-res pictures. the usb port was broken + there is only one. it is a 10 years old machine, 1GHz + 512 MB RAM. State of the art in 2002. Stil works well enough for facebook and skype and even to reencode some short videos. The windows install broke + the license is only for WIN98SE (I dont … Continue reading

linux nightmare

today was Linux nightmare day. linux installation posted by (C)takao21203 1. It was broken somehow 10AM. I did not power down correctly because it crashed. 2. Reinstall. 3. Broken again by installing Virtualbox. Bad! Another reinstall. I have now developed a way to save downloading packages again and again. I boot with a CD, then copy the packages to a … Continue reading