Compressing file system (LINUX)

Compressing file system – LINUX

When I installed MPLABX + all the C compilers, about 98% of the hard drive partition was used. There are about 20000 files or more!

1. I created a new partition, and moved 4.1 Gigabytes installation there.

2. I copied back to another partition, and deleted.

Then I simply remounted the partition as compressed, and again, copied back the files.

The result is pretty good, because these are mostly text files. Most are never used at all.

The laptop hard drive has only 30 gigabytes all together. So about 1/10 of total size is saved.

The other partitions are not compressed. Also I can mount again as uncompressed.

I use BTRFS (a new kind of file system).

3. In recent days I installed various old softwares for MSDOS. More in another new post.


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