digital camera ruined…

some days ago i was stupid enough to wash my digital camera (Olympus VG120). After drying it still powered up, but then shut down after entering the date.

After waiting a week, a crack developed on the TFT display. So it is actually broken. Not a good idea to wash a digital camera!

The SD card slot was kind of end of life, and the motor zoom had serious problems too, so it does not matter too much.

Now I am using a SONY digital camera- it only has 10 megapixel instead of 14MP, but it has no difficulty at all with macro, and i do no longer need to try many times because macro shots are blurry.

I can see the raster from one color print with much more detail now.

However it needs special SONY memory cards, and a card reader from a local shop costed 22 Euro. From Hong Kong they only cost 5 dollars.

The shop where they sell Calypso Clear boxes closed down a few days ago- i only have exactly one of these boxes now. A while ago i used to have 10 or so around.


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