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Fukushima creates mascot to warn children of radiation dangers


The cartoon bird, Kibitan, is now teaching Japanese children in Fukushima how to avoid contact radiation with radiation. Kibitan makes sure to warn little kids to stay away from puddles and ditches, where radioactive particles accumulate.

Inspired by the region’s narcissus flycatcher bird and the events of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami, Kibitan is featured in a leaflet issued by Fukushima’s disaster task force. With a smile on his face and painfully cute features, like stubby wings and feet, he asks that children make sure to wash their hands and gargle with water when they get home. Kibitan also explains what radiation is and the side effects radiation can have if it were to enter the body. Anti-nuclear campaigns have said the Japanese government is not doing enough to protect those living in farther areas. Environmental campaign group, Greenpeace, have reported that as of last month, heavily populated areas several dozen kilometers from the plant have radiation 13 times the legal limit. The radiation spread into wide areas used for agriculture and are now deemed unfarmable. Although the 3/11 disaster left at least 19,000 people dead or missing, there has yet to be a report of anyone dying as a direct result of nuclear catastrophe.

Okay readers, look at this information packet and try to say no to Kibitan. It is impossible. The packet is entirely in hiragana but includes pictures that are easy to follow.

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