game prototype

Today I have started with a prototype for the game logic.

Utopia Creation of a Nation is a military strategy game from the early 1990s. The player controls a simple economy, explores the map for fuel and ore, and tries to increase level of technology.

There are two goals in the game: to raise QOL above 80%, and to find (+destroy) the alien city. For this purpose, tanks and different types of space ships are built.

Buildings cost money + require time to complete. Some are essential to maintain life support. Others provide storage space, or distribute energy.

For a prototype really primitive graphics are fully sufficient. I did not put too much effort into it, but for the time being, created 5 simple bitmaps using PAINT. Later eventually these bitmaps can become replaced with better one’s.

The game logic needs to do computations based on several values attached to the buildings. Traditionally, eventually specialized structures were used for this purpose.

Here simply all the building are added to a treeview list. For the properties, child elements are added to each building! Some like cost and construction time are common to all buildings.

Others can be added when actually a real building is constructed.

For actual game developement, it is required to display all of the data, some as numeric values, some contained in list or tree views.

In the original game the player never can see or access the enemy city. It is unknown if it exists internally in the software (I even doubt it). Having available GBytes of memory, it is possible to base the computer enemy on real infrastructure, and visible to the player!


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