big LED matrix project update

Here some photos from the LED matrix. All LEDs wired up now to the drive circuit. 8 controllers run at once!

Next thing is to replace the defective LEDs- quite a few.

Then I want to try double buffering. But this does not require many new wires. It is however some effort to write the software for this.

There will only be four buffering controllers, which then are connected to the PIC32 master controller.

Each LED can have 16 different brightness levels. On one of the pictures you can see that quite realistically.

A while ago I used serial buffer HCMOS TTL chips, but there were so many chips + there was a bug on the board I was not able to find. The layout was cluttered as well, so I removed all these chips + installed 4 16f59 carrier PCBs.

They were actually NOT designed for this circuit, but they work quite well. Had to install external crystal osc cans since the PCBs are designed for coils. They also have one small bug (a trace which must be cut from one chip). I always removed one leg from the IC after soldering…

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