How to use japanese language for LED matrix scrolling message tag

How can this be done?

It is not so easy, as the LED matrix does not understand UNICODE.

I have digitized japanese katakana font from a character LCD, about 5120 individual bits.

This exists as binary data inside the microcontroller.

I want to write the scrolling message on Windows PC, and transfer the text via USB.


There are many individual layers to work out here.

Some are already completed:

  • USB stack works
  • LED matrix multiplex works
  • Font data was programmed

I have added all the keys to a Windows form as pushbuttons.

Now I can change the button text to include the katakana symbol!

I also want to add the romanji spelling.

This is not so difficult to program, but a lot of detail work.

Visual Studio C++ is used here.

I moved the USB stack and the code to change the buttons into individual source files.


A PIC 18f13k50 is used. It has USB interface, 512 Bytes RAM, and 8K program memory.


Last not least: Cooky cooking on youtube + fake Belgian cartoons!

Which I have not read of course. But recently I found this in form of so called street art.


Isn’t that much interesting in terms of cooking- actually.


I have redesigned my homepage:

There are now image galleries added. Flickr costs too much money, and they also host content

which I am not interested in.

The source code for the standard LED scrolling message tag was made available (english language font).

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