korean foods day

Korean food day…tried a korean food supermarket today. It is a bit hidden even if it is only 5 minutes away from O’Connel Street (in a side row).

Unfortunately typical japanese supermarket foods are not available here including common drinks. Nothing really.

All what’s available is various chinese stuff and also south Korean foods.

In our domestic supermarkets we have a lot of (sick) artificial sweetener drinks. Sure I can use them but after a few weeks I react to them (not in a good way).

OK they actually have japanese lemonade in small glass bottles (not very environmental friendly). And it is just small bottles. I bought two (of course). And 1.5L korean Tangerine drink (similar to oranges but a little different, it really tastes different than oranges). Expensive- 4 Euro. But it’s tasty.

And I bought various korean brand noodles including 500 grams seafood udon. I ate both portions after heating them in the microwave. And I drank all of the 1.5L Tangerine stuff. But only one of the small lemonade bottles.

Also all of the mungo sprouts.

Well…LOTTE watermelon ice cream. Smaller than the one I tried in Japan but very similar.

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