laptop repair job

laptop repair job- high-res pictures. the usb port was broken + there is only one. it is a 10 years old machine, 1GHz + 512 MB RAM. State of the art in 2002. Stil works well enough for facebook and skype and even to reencode some short videos.

The windows install broke + the license is only for WIN98SE (I dont want to install + use that anymore because it is badapple for usb drivers + most software does not run anymore).

So instead of shelling out 50 dollar for a WINXP license, I installed LINUX. It is NOT better. It is crashing regularily. The softwares are more difficult to install. But it is free + legal to install. So it is better in some kind. I tried free GCC IDE- took me a while until I figured out how to use it. Visual Studio is easier.

OK before I can drag&drop pushbuttons, I must add a layout layer. Totally logical, isn’t it? Before I can install a software, I must add the repository for it + I must know the command line to log in as super user (It is my machine at least).

All a question of a few evenings to learn it.

2 The laptop repair job was a pain really. The first evening I was drinking and at some point just stopped with the disassembly. Then today, I completed the disassembly, was not so much left to do, had to remove everything really until the bottom of the mainboard was visible.

USB port really broken off from the PCB. So I installed a USB cable, twisted it around the PS2 port, and connected to a Tower PCB USB bracket on a small piece of proto PCB. It actually works! Made a few mistakes when putting it back together + a few screws missing.

I never claimed I’d be good at repairing things (indeed I don’t like it). But also I do not like to buy new computers all the time. They break, become outdated, or simply become stolen. I want to use this one at least for some months, and then maybe get a small netbook or a totally new machine.

One shop here is really offering used netbooks for only 30 to 40% below new price (or even only 20%). When they buy DVDs from people, they pay them 1/20 of the new price on average. I guess monthly rent for the shop is forcing them to do so as well many things on sale here are much cheaper in Hong Kong. Even my tablet PC from a discount store now costs only 1/2 of that price online (no shop rent).

3 OK guess loads of information you don’t want but on a laptop keyboard I can type fast almost as fast as on a regular one. Touchscreen is almost censorship- forced to limit it to a few lines or get a pain in the hand after 10 to 15 minutes. Really the stroke of a genius. Well there is still the option to record video…I am sometimes wondering if writing as we know it will survive.

Recently I have read a nearly 200 pages book in two nights (even if I sometimes skipped through the lines when it was boring). I did not read books for some years actually. So the reading skill does not degenerate. But mostly I scroll through facebook and tumblr now, sometimes I read Yahoo news.

Mixing daily activity with some thoughts into kind of a diary entry is also OK. I had some ice cream tonight- finally. Added some 37.5% Rum- delicious. Note there is also 35% Rum.

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