LCD computer

I have one 1.8″ color TFT circuit working now.
Recently I connected Nintendo Gamecube control pad.

Today I actually connected the 3 wires!
I want to test scrolling capabilities.

A circuit for larger 2.4″ display is currently under construction. It has 512 K RAM, and a large controller chip.

The old prototype is also shown, based on a small 44 Pin controller, and 256 K RAM. It works by the way. The RAM ICs can be written to, and the data can be read back. But it is far to messy to expand it further! The controller chip is far too small as well.

It was a lot of effort actually to wire it (since magnet wire was used), two LED panels were built for data and address bus.

The wire I use now is far more easy to use! So many hours worth of time can be saved.

No schematics exist for any of these circuits. And I only have some vague ideas how to manage the RAM control signals. Also 5V and 3.3V are mixed. What I want to try is to build a 16-bit wide RAM, and access it 8-bit wide from the PIC controller, using LCX244 buffer chips. 4 chips are needed for bi-directional access!

The LCD panel needs 16-bit wide RAM. I want to trick the circuit actually to use parallel master port to “read” from the RAM, indeed it is then programmed to route 16 bits to the LCD!

This 2.4″ LCD is also quite complicate to use, for instance it has real scrolling capabilities.

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