linux nightmare

today was Linux nightmare day.

linux installation
linux installation posted by (C)takao21203

1. It was broken somehow 10AM. I did not power down correctly because it crashed.

2. Reinstall.

3. Broken again by installing Virtualbox. Bad! Another reinstall.

I have now developed a way to save downloading packages again and again. I boot with a CD, then copy the packages to a USB stick (800 megabytes), then later after installing, I copy them back to the hard drive.

Result: Zero downloads needed for fresh install.

It is 0.22 AM now. I completed installing all the softwares I need.

Also I want to turn the write cache off. It is really bad because corruption can happen easily, and the only way is a total reinstall.

I tried partititions as well with little luck during the evening.

This is why I spent so much time also the USB is very slow. Need a PCMCIA USB2 adapter.

I wrote all application names into a text file so next time I just copy&paste. Takes a while to reinstall even if the packages are already on the hard drive.

As for Windows…once you have to reinstall, you have to use automated downloader for all the updates and it takes hours and results in 2 gigabytes or so. It takes much longer. But it is not required very often.

This laptop only has 512 megabytes so it can run XP or Win98 or maybe even Windows 3.1

I really downloaded some old compilers for Win3.1 but they are not so much comfortable to use. Dosbox is slow, and buggy, I can run Turbo C but not Windows Visual C++ or Borland C++. They need a small utility program which does not run under DOS.

I want to try QEMU now.

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