How to do SMD soldering

Sommetimes I have seen instructions to use a fine point tip, very thin solder wire or a microscope. But that’s wrong. It is indeed easy to solder SMD chips.

SMD chip

All you need is a flux chemical, standard 1mm solder wire, and a 50W soldering station with a broad tip.

1. Apply the flux to the PCB, and place the chip. Correct alignment is very important. You can get the flux from eBay for low prices. For instance the type shown here:

soldering flux chemical

soldering flux chemical

2. Solder one pin.

3. Hold the PCB 70 degrees, and “row” solder all pins downwards. Try to pull the solder ball downwards but if pins connect, it does not matter. Do this with all 4 sides.

4. Apply more flux, and move over the pins to remove solder bridges. For fine pitch 0.5mm, you may want to use a desoldering pump. For 0.8mm usually this is not required.

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