my laptop is awesome!

At least it was, 11 years ago. It is a Dell Laptitude C610.

* No battery. A Pentium III with 1 GHz.

* USB port: only one 1.1 port + broken. Repaired.

* Hard drive: 30 gigabyte

* Optical drive:  CDRW/DVD ROM combo. yes it can play DVDs!

* A whopping 512 MB RAM.

* Ubuntu 12.04 installed.

* The power supply plug broke too so it is no good anymore for moving around.

* 16 megabyte graphics card with 3D capabilities!

* It can run MSDOS software inside an emulator. Disk I/O is slow. I have installed MSDOS 7.1 yesterday as well various C compilers. They all fully work (inside emulator).

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laptop mainboard
laptop mainboard posted by (C)takao21203

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