new LED matrix, 68k single board computer

I started off with a new prototype, 68008 single board computer, which has PIC bootloader (18f4450), and 128k static RAM.

68008 is a 68k CPU variant which only has 8-bit data bus.

It is nearly complete except a few address bus wires.

68008 PiKey single board computer


But I wanted to relax a little there is no need for a race…
So I built a new 5×5 matrix, using the 16f1824 PCB as well 74hc595 for display drive and FDV301 digital MOSFETs. Over the years I researched this is the best way to drive LED displays, the MOSFETs ensure the brightness can be absolutely even.

5x5 SMD LED matrix- 16f1824 controlled

Last not least I started another wordpress blog, self hosted, due to the Dale Farm eviction in the UK.

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2 thoughts on “new LED matrix, 68k single board computer

  1. Hi, I’m also an 68k fan.
    Have you ever thought in adding more ram and run uClinux in it?
    Currently I’m playing with my 68000 wired up in a breadboard and with the right patches I have the thing up and running! Next step is to add ethernet.
    I’ve made some videos:

    (it’s basically just the CPU and memory – kernel 2.0.x)

    (kernel 2.4.x – added more memory, and a 4Gb sdhc card!)

  2. I want to design a smaller PCB, having all the parts on a single PCB not so many wires.
    IT is a lot of work none of the parts are in the library.
    And a CPLD is programmed for the address decoding.

    I have many 68000 chips available, different types.

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