new PIC projects

1. Serial LED display

This display is now in a working condition.
serial LED display

However master code only exist in assembler, not as C source. There are some external components required (a few resistors), and the displays can not be cascaded.

2. Radiation counter


I am actually using one of these displays for this radiation counter. Originally Atmel/Arduino based, modified using a PIC 16f1824.

3. USB infrared gizmo

USB gizmo

Based on the 18f13k50, the demo source from Microchip was modified (no bootloader, smaller RAM). There is about 1K program memory left. The USB demo works, so far.

4. LED binary matrix clock

This matrix clock also has a small LCD for the weekday.
powered by 1.2 volts, using the MCP1640 dc/dc converter IC.
The LCD is powered by 3 volts, and has it’s own charge pump IC for the LCD glass.

Based on the PIC 16f716, and Realtime clock IC.

5. 32×24 LED matrix

LED matrix lamp test

A big LED matrix was completed recently. 768 LEDs, driven by 74hc164 and 74hc595 as well digital MOSFETs.

It has 4x 16f1824 refresh controllers, and I want to add a PIC32 as master controller.

On the PCB there is a 3.3 volts (LM2576) switching regulator including coooler fan.

6. 5 volts switching regulator

5volts- how to use 7805 linear regulator

Based on the LM2576 (3 Amps), which is mounted on a cooling fan using epoxy. If there is too much heat the epoxy bonding can become weak however the small fan is pretty good at cooling the assembly. Works so far have not tested it for full power.

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