Nintendo Gamecube controller


New controller arrived yesterday. The flat Wii controller did not work at all. Or maybe the control program was not good enough. I wrote it in C language initially. However, the timing is in the microsecond range. There are 1uS pulses! This only leaves 8 instructions (at 32 MHz).

I made another circuit to get this controller working. It is a small LCD board only. A 16f1824 is used, and it is partially programmed in assembler. Even if it is not good to use. Better control over timing is possible. I hope to get this working soon. Then I want to connect two PICs via serial port!

Programming the big 18F PIC in assembler is much worse. I don’t want to consider it at all. Yesterday I wrote most of the code neccessary to send 24 bits to the Nintendo control pad. Then it should respond with 64 bits! I wrote code to display the first 8 bits on the LCD. The timing is actually measured.

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