68000 single board computer prototype

Not many people have built single board computer this way.

It only has 8 MHz CPU speed.

You can get a STM32 board which has 170 MHz for little money, or a so-called Raspberry PI also for low price.

What is interesting here is the challenge because it is so difficult to build it manually. There are even no schematics!

I have done away with the EPROMs instead a RAM bootloader controller is used.

It already works- I can load data into the RAM chip, and read back. But still a lot of work to go until the 68000 CPU can execute instructions from the RAM.

I use 8-bit wide RAM only so it must be deskewed in software each time. It is actually slow, even if the PIC microcontroller runs at 32 MHz.

The LED displays have serial interface! Very small, and very useful for this computer board.

It is not really needed but I want to complete it soon.

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