obscure and ancient graphics card for IBM PC

I wrote a small C program for this graphics card.

It is a CGA model which was used in early 1980s!

After a while it really works.

A lot of effort is required to set a single pixel.

320×200 in 4 colors…

Borland C++ is used but this program is just plain C language.

Tables are used to set and reset the bit patterns.

For sure there are more efficient ways to set pixels on CGA adapters.

I wrote it just for fun. It is so old fashion, it needs DOS to work.

CGA graphics card code
CGA graphics card code posted by (C)takao21203

For demonstration, I draw 3 distinct color bars.

16 Kilobytes are used in CGA mode.

The card in my laptop has 16 Megabytes already.

C program for CGA card
C program for CGA card posted by (C)takao21203

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