obsessed with videogames

Obsessed with videogames and much more…

Obsessed, yes. Many others were obsessed with video games. These days…I really live without playing any.

For months. I do not really want to do it. Maybe I played all video games I wanted to play in my life already.

What kind of games would I want to play now, or play again?

I have no idea about that but I wonder about it sometimes. Maybe I just changed over the years.

I want to do different things now.


And I watched a bit from Nobody Knows tonight on my Android tablet. I can not really stand it for a long time (it makes me really depart completely). Or maybe it has no effect now. I watched “Your gas bill is overdue” scene.

Is it really like that?

OK I remember- people I used to know stole money. They made pirate copies. They stole games from a shop. All of that. They even whored off themselves to have money available (putting bits and pieces together many years after it happened).

I really think it happened…someone I used to know. Where can such A LOT OF MONEY really come from?

It does not take a long way to think in that direction…

I never witnessed it directly and I never participated, really.

In some matters I was really video game addicted when I was young. For a while at least. Or let say, obsessed. It went so far I even learned the technology.


I examined Kawasaki two days ago, and Shibuya. Then I moved a bit upwards to the north, and then to Tachikawa station.

I already begin to understand about Tokyo bay area. It is hudge! Much larger than Dublin bay. So many large buildings, and so many smaller buildings as well. Numberless.

But it is not endless of course.

I remember my time in Tokyo well. Even if I only stayed a short time. OK I do not recall it right now.

Today I wear orange tshirt I own for some years. I did not wear it for a while. But it really suits me I think. Red or yellow really looks bad I should dispose them (or use in the night).

White one’s get dirty quickly. Greys and blacks are also good to use.

I have one fluoresecent yellow one from Nike. Also is good on some days. But I think I should use orange color more in the summer time.

I feel good today. I did some work on my project, and then at 9.30PM went to a shop + bought 6 cans FOSTERS.

There was a small queue just 5 people. A manager ordered another staff immediately just for me. I did not even have to wait even for 5 people!

Maybe I looked really serious today. Because I worked so hard with electronics again (after some months absence).

I can do it actually haha. Believe it or not. But really I did nothing for some months. Maybe old technology I had on the board was the cause.

I started to remove all of it- and it started to rain heavily. There was no rain here really in Dublin really for quite a long time or just only a little rain.


Soon there is an update about my LED matrix. I spent 5 days! I removed most of the chips. And I use better technology now. Prefabbed carrier PCBs. I hope to post about it tomorrow.

I made photos today, but…it is just not ready.

I use a LINUX machine! It has 3 hard drives now. I can use it easily.

Matrix technology improvement means it is more scaleable. I want to use double buffering. There is a lot of work to rewrite the software from zero.

It is divided into 8 sections now. When I work at software, I think about it even in the night. But, I do not think that way every night (or day). Not really. I am capable to do it. To really use all brains computation power to think about a software I am working on. 24 hours even when I sleep, even during meals, or when I walk in the city.


What do you expect to see here?

1. Pictures from eating.
2. Pictures from party.
3. Pictures from big cars.
4. Pictures from woman.
5. Pictures from sports.

OK there is it really- some baseball. I do not play baseball & I never watch it. I saw it a little in Japan eventually.

I never understood rules for soccer or baseball properly.

When I went to school I was supposed to try ping pong ball (table tennis). I found it pretty boring + sucked badly at it + gave it up very quickly.

Really if I watch television tonight here (in Ireland) I wonder what I should write here.

Many people shot dead in a crime movie.
Many totally stupid advertising clips. It is really beyond repair. You need a negative IQ to become trapped by these adverts.

OK here is something which survived on sun.ap.teacup.com/tetsuo

I maintained it in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,…

All entries are removed now.

This is really years old i do not know where I found it. I do not remember. Might be 5 or 6 or even 7 years ago. OK I think 4 or 5 years.

Years just pass.

Do you care about that?

OK if you visit my teacup blog there is nothing to read, nothing to see.
I mainly use tumblr now.

But I never really like stagnation, to be conservative, to write in one single style only, or to use one single SNS only.

Really I liked Teacup a lot I had nearly 400 entries!

But some day, I lost interest and stopped to maintain it.

I even have Ameba blog…tried Yahoo Japan blog, and Surpara.

Yesterday I examine LINE website. It is like skype.
South Korean NAVER!
There is really weird Voodoo. Good luck!

Do you wish to deal with it? Maybe it is (dead) Curt Cobain carricature. It looks a bit like it. South Korean Naver SNS (LINE).

It is really too weird. Seems to be kind of a domestic problem.
I am not involved. Or I do not understand it properly. Or maybe I actually do understand quite well.


Today I used Wifi in a public library. Downloaded “Daremo Shiranai”- 320 MByte. I own the original movie on DVD + paid full price. It is not stealing.

And I downloaded some 20 minute Beyblade clips really 6 or 7 of them.

All together about 500 MByte! It is not stealing either because I bought Beyblade DVDs + never watched them at all.

I paid my share in terms of movies. A lot. Must be about 3000 euro all together. If I want to watch it again on mobile device, it is OK to download it. Absolutely.

Oh yes, in the next few years, I will collect all Beyblade video clips available. If I wanted to I can watch them in a library in front of people or whereever…

Hehe…tonight I had no clue what to write but already produced 2 screens full of text.


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