Joule Thief and LED torch project instructions

You can find component kits here:

This page soon will contain information how to build a classic Joule Thief (Detailed instructions). Here you can see a brand new joule thief (transformer based) I have built. It can produce upto 50 volts from a fresh battery!

How it looks in the dark

joule thief with UV LED

It is not difficult as such, however many interesting variants are possible. This is what makes this circuit so interesting, and highly useful for learning/studying. Over the years, I have built many such circuits!

Gallery with older joule Thief circuits I have built.

Here the first few schematics for joule thief circuits. They are easy to build.

One thought on “Joule Thief and LED torch project instructions

  1. Hi !

    I bought your components.

    Could you show us your circuit schematic, please ?

    I didn’t see the Ferrite ring cores in your ebay pictures. You sell them, but don’t use them ?

    (Sorry for my english, I’m french…)


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