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Stealing a movie- or is it?

For some reason I can not watch DVDs right now. I want to watch them on a tablet device. I only have a 4GB USB Flash drive.

And DVDs are normally 5 to 8 GBytes.

If I really have the DVD and paid for it, can I watch it on a tablet device? Or let’s say there is even no good way to use a DVD player or computer drive.

So I have found Nobody Knows today, as 398 MByte download.

Yes I could watch it on youtube but still need a desktop PC for that.

Same with Beyblade. I really bought 5 or 6 DVDs and never watched them. I want them as chapters for my tablet device.

And why install the software myself and try to get the tracks from the DVDs and compress them.

2 Did I mention, I do not watch movies currently? Really for two years or so.

What do you think? Is it OK to download and use a file like this, if you really have the original DVD (and let’s say you still have it and not just bought it and then resold it)?

Is it stealing, or just making it possible to watch such a movie at all?

3 I think ALL DVDs should contain low-resolution files for mobile devices, free to copy/access. Soon maybe DVDs or Blue RAY will disappear from shops. I give it 5 years or so, and it all will be online. You buy a digital copy…

Or will this ever happen? Maybe it will take longer. Because there is so much chaos in the online digital world and it is not clear when it can become possible to agree how to do it.

All what SONY, EMI and the like have attempted has failed and it has only annoyed people.

4 I mean, I have seen this movie a few times already. I do not need to copy it to my flash drive today.

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