new PIC projects

1. Serial LED display This display is now in a working condition. However master code only exist in assembler, not as C source. There are some external components required (a few resistors), and the displays can not be cascaded. 2. Radiation counter I am actually using one of these displays for this radiation counter. Originally Atmel/Arduino based, modified using a … Continue reading

transistor tester

figured out I need one, to test high-voltage transistors from CFLs, that I want to use for radiation counter. For the PNP I use dc/dc converter PCB, for the NPN I simply rebuilt the circuit with reversed polarity. interestingly the NPN version actually has common ground, the PNP version does not. Also I figured out how to build it without … Continue reading

new LED matrix, 68k single board computer

I started off with a new prototype, 68008 single board computer, which has PIC bootloader (18f4450), and 128k static RAM. 68008 is a 68k CPU variant which only has 8-bit data bus. It is nearly complete except a few address bus wires. WIKI: But I wanted to relax a little there is no need for a race… So I … Continue reading

16f1824 scrolling message

I have now built various prototypes using the 16f1824 to scroll a text message. The code is written in RISC assembly, about 1k memory size. It is available for unlimited personal usage, only 5 dollars. The display width can be changed! Most of the internal RAM is used to buffer the scroll data. So the message length is quite limited … Continue reading

new PIC 16f1824 PCB

32 MHZ MICROCHIP RISC MCU, brand new model 4K program memory, 256 bytes RAM, serial port capacitive sensing module, 10bit A/D can read and write to FLASH memory during operation NE555 emulator S/R latch PCB: DC/DC converter IC, 1.2 volts to 3 volts (5 volts possible) 4 LEDs (brand new high intensity type, ocean green, have 4.7k resistors) 1 Pushbutton