solar flares


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THE SUN the sun can be seen directly, but can not be observed directly. it is too hot! the ultraviolet, infrared, and x-ray look different than what we see on earth. also there is strong electromagnetic force on the surface of the sun. without the earth athmosphere layer, UV radiation, and electromagnetic winds would be 1000 times stronger. is there … Continue reading

68000 single board computer prototype

Not many people have built single board computer this way. It only has 8 MHz CPU speed. You can get a STM32 board which has 170 MHz for little money, or a so-called Raspberry PI also for low price. … What is interesting here is the challenge because it is so difficult to build it manually. There are even no schematics! I … Continue reading

16f1824 scrolling message

I have now built various prototypes using the 16f1824 to scroll a text message. The code is written in RISC assembly, about 1k memory size. It is available for unlimited personal usage, only 5 dollars. The display width can be changed! Most of the internal RAM is used to buffer the scroll data. So the message length is quite limited … Continue reading