68000 single board computer prototype

Not many people have built single board computer this way. It only has 8 MHz CPU speed. You can get a STM32 board which has 170 MHz for little money, or a so-called Raspberry PI also for low price. … What is interesting here is the challenge because it is so difficult to build it manually. There are even no schematics! I … Continue reading

new LED matrix, 68k single board computer

I started off with a new prototype, 68008 single board computer, which has PIC bootloader (18f4450), and 128k static RAM. 68008 is a 68k CPU variant which only has 8-bit data bus. It is nearly complete except a few address bus wires. WIKI: http://hitechworld.org/index.php?title=68008_PiKey But I wanted to relax a little there is no need for a race… So I … Continue reading

68k computer system, first test, power up bootloader and RAM PCB.

bootloader and memory module stacked together posted by (C)tetsu-jp finally after a time of more than 3 years, I am getting more close to realize this project. A small scaleable 68000 computer! It is based on exchangeable modules, for instance the address decoding is done on an extra PCB. All the modules can be exchanged, while at first, I use … Continue reading