karaoke kind of sucks – beyblade


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Karaoke kind of sucks. At least in the movie “Nobody Knows”- someone could really think it is a hidden form of prostitution. And in Beyblade book #2 the others in the bus also absolutely don’t like Tyson’s attempts to entertain them with his crasy singing. Tyson stop the crasy singing And yes…not all of the pictures are from Beyblade. Shameless … Continue reading

recent arrivals (dungeon siege 1 demo)


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Recent Arrivals! 1. a booklet about the irish Cuchulainn 2. Source Code, this is a movie. I got the DVD for discount price. 3. Crystal Clear box artwork. This is a sugarfree drink which is sold in the UK. 4. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un looking at tiles. 5. And last not least, Beyblade Bakuten Shoot original series by Takao … Continue reading

i made this with paint .net


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I made this using MS PAINT and PAINT .NET The second picture I found via websearch. Good work! http://glay.deviantart.com/gallery/26745203 — Here the URL. I have no opinion about the saliva sabbering which can be seen in some of the other pictures. As it is absent from original Beyblade Bakuten Shoot. It is just unrelated. Why get angry? It’s a child’s … Continue reading