game prototype (2)

program elements: -map (display, load/save) -map navigation -buildings definition treelist -map buildings treelist -map editor/creator -game rules engine -timer interrupt system/events processing For the prototype, simple 2D objects will be displayed on the map. Later, code becomes added for 3D display! After some consideration, it seems to be desireable to display the opponents city on the map. So the game … Continue reading

new blog opened

This blog is for Windows software programming projects, particulary games, and related content. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Release Date: October 9 Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Aliens are once again trying to take over the planet, but luckily, we have XCOM. The beloved turn-based strategy series makes a long-awaited return this year with — what else? – a turn-based strategy game. … Continue reading