GLCD 128×64 font, string print function

Here the definition table for a 8×16 monochrome LCD font (proportional). It can be used for TFT displays as well. This code originally is for color TFT, loading the font data from serial EEPROM via I2C. You have to uncomment a line, and remove or deactivate the I2C/FLASH reading code

Microcontroller projects

Since 2004 I have built more than 100 circuits. Not all of them survived, but I gained a lot of experience. Not all circuits were completed- for instance I made 6 or 7 prototypes for 68000 computers, but in the end, cost and effort was too high (including software) to

Nintendo Gamecube controller

New controller arrived yesterday. The flat Wii controller did not work at all. Or maybe the control program was not good enough. I wrote it in C language initially. However, the timing is in the microsecond range. There are 1uS pulses! This only leaves 8 instructions (at 32 MHz). I made another circuit to get this controller working. It is … Continue reading

LCD computer

I have one 1.8″ color TFT circuit working now. Recently I connected Nintendo Gamecube control pad. Today I actually connected the 3 wires! I want to test scrolling capabilities. A circuit for larger 2.4″ display is currently under construction. It has 512 K RAM, and a large controller chip. The old prototype is also shown, based on a small 44 … Continue reading