stealing a movie – yagira yuya nobody knows


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Stealing a movie- or is it? For some reason I can not watch DVDs right now. I want to watch them on a tablet device. I only have a 4GB USB Flash drive. And DVDs are normally 5 to 8 GBytes. If I really have the DVD and paid for it, can I watch it on a tablet device? Or … Continue reading

recent arrivals (dungeon siege 1 demo)


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Recent Arrivals! 1. a booklet about the irish Cuchulainn 2. Source Code, this is a movie. I got the DVD for discount price. 3. Crystal Clear box artwork. This is a sugarfree drink which is sold in the UK. 4. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un looking at tiles. 5. And last not least, Beyblade Bakuten Shoot original series by Takao … Continue reading

柳楽優弥 – KYOKO

I could not help it but at some point of time, produce this small video. It was actually recorded inside Japan. 柳楽優弥 (keyword) But- I did not visit Japan because of 柳楽優弥. Absolutely not. Or is it? Well some day yes I made this video. I visited Tokyo, Mt Takao, Tama river, Akihabara, Shibuya, Osaka, Tottori pref. and Nara pref., … Continue reading