FM transmitter – Kids and Laughing Teachers Bullied Suicide Teen

ベイブレード I have built an FM transmitter. Previsouly I have built an AM transmitter but it never worked right, only very short distance. The design is somehow finicky, and does not work like shown. Adjustable resistor for the 330 Ohms, and 1K Ohms are essential. As well, you need to tap the antenna with a gimmick capacitor. It only … Continue reading

柳楽優弥 – KYOKO

I could not help it but at some point of time, produce this small video. It was actually recorded inside Japan. 柳楽優弥 (keyword) But- I did not visit Japan because of 柳楽優弥. Absolutely not. Or is it? Well some day yes I made this video. I visited Tokyo, Mt Takao, Tama river, Akihabara, Shibuya, Osaka, Tottori pref. and Nara pref., … Continue reading