Nokia 5110 Example C source – PIC16F

Here some information to get these displays going. 16lf1709_coiltest (complete source code for test project, 16LF1709 PIC Microcontroller) 1. They are designed for 3 volts, and are not well suited for 5 volts. It is however possible, inserting resistors into the serial port lines. 2. All lines should be connected, CE

big LED matrix project update


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Here some photos from the LED matrix. All LEDs wired up now to the drive circuit. 8 controllers run at once! Next thing is to replace the defective LEDs- quite a few. Then I want to try double buffering. But this does not require many new wires. It is however some effort to write the software for this. There will … Continue reading

working at 32×24 LED matrix, PIC 16f59


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Working at my LED matrix. 768 LEDs! 32×24 pixels. I want to write a 3D graphics demo. There are electrical issues. The display drive did not work correctly and during 3 days I was not able to figure out what’s wrong. So I removed all of the ICs + replaced with more advanced technology. I use a 16f59 microcontroller now … Continue reading