stealing a movie – yagira yuya nobody knows


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Stealing a movie- or is it? For some reason I can not watch DVDs right now. I want to watch them on a tablet device. I only have a 4GB USB Flash drive. And DVDs are normally 5 to 8 GBytes. If I really have the DVD and paid for it, can I watch it on a tablet device? Or … Continue reading

karaoke kind of sucks – beyblade


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Karaoke kind of sucks. At least in the movie “Nobody Knows”- someone could really think it is a hidden form of prostitution. And in Beyblade book #2 the others in the bus also absolutely don’t like Tyson’s attempts to entertain them with his crasy singing. Tyson stop the crasy singing And yes…not all of the pictures are from Beyblade. Shameless … Continue reading

柳楽優弥 – KYOKO

I could not help it but at some point of time, produce this small video. It was actually recorded inside Japan. 柳楽優弥 (keyword) But- I did not visit Japan because of 柳楽優弥. Absolutely not. Or is it? Well some day yes I made this video. I visited Tokyo, Mt Takao, Tama river, Akihabara, Shibuya, Osaka, Tottori pref. and Nara pref., … Continue reading