solar flares


the sun can be seen directly, but can not be observed directly. it is too hot!
the ultraviolet, infrared, and x-ray look different than what we see on earth.

NASA sun picture NASA sun picture

NASA sun picture

also there is strong electromagnetic force on the surface of the sun.
without the earth athmosphere layer, UV radiation, and electromagnetic winds would be 1000 times stronger.

magnetic loops on the sun surface, NASA picture

is there life on MARS?

certainly there is CO2, and some trapped water ice. maybe life existed billions of years ago.
but now, there is no vegetation, no rivers. temperature is about -20 degrees.
there are also dust storms.
the ice on the poles is not water ice, but frozen CO2.

CO2 ice on the mars surface

the 68000 CPU was introduced in the year 1979 by Motorola, Chicago.
it was one of the first 32 bit processors, and available for anyone.
it is still being produced. in the 1980s, it found application in arcade coin-up machines.

68000 CPU chip photo, silicon surface

i hope that in the near future, i can buy some telescopes, and watch the planets!
it is a luxury hobby of the first world, and in the third world, and poor countries
like China, not everyone can have a telescope.
no the truth is, it is even a privilege for kids in the first world.
it is maybe a good idea to make joke out of it in AKIRA, maybe
it is not a good idea!

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