shining boy and little randy

Today I watched “Shining boy and little Randy” on my tablet device.
Copied it yesterday in the internet shop!
Something happened. The second CD locked inside the drive the staff had to remove it. Took them 10 minutes or so. It survived…

Each time I only watched 3 to 5 minutes slices- in a public library actually.
Or where should I watch it? With a tablet device you can watch movies literally anywhere.

Still have not finished the first CD. Stopped about at the point when Tetsumu has his first encounter with Farr (this is the elephant in Thailand).

The second VCD starts when he’s leaving Thailand again. So what really remains from the first CD is not much. It is a short movie all together.

No one can really foresee how it developes only from watching the first CD.

You should watch this movie too.

Shining Boy and little Randy- by Yagira Yuya.

Recently (2012) he even takes the main role in a story from a japanese novel (Kafka of the Shore).

Kind of a weird novel.

I did read it but only half of it! Then I became a bit upset. Like trying to tell me something new or to educate me. Or what was it?

I have thrown it away back then without reading it to the end- maybe 3 years ago or so.

So I have no idea how the story developes later on in the book. I don’t really think I am going to see the movie- it is just too weird.

Recently I have dumped off most of my DVDs- so why should I buy new one’s?

Or reading books haha you can’t really nail me on being literate I do not have many books (if any).

So he does not like these large Thai dung beetles for eating- instead he resorts to cup noodles.

And he acts in many other movies as well- also unclear if I am ever going to see them.


Why would you want to open a blog with the address
moon.ap.teacup. com inawashiro?

I actually did in December 2010 or even January 2011.
I wrote a few entries with some kind of weird story- aliens maintaining a base on the floor of Lake Inawashiro.

By random it is in Fukushima prefecture actually.
It was removed again- the few entries were not so much noteworthy.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the incidents, or even it caused the incidents. That would be so weird.

Later I was more lucky in choosing places where to visit in Japan!
Not Lake Inawashiro this time.
Instead I visited Tama river in Tokyo and Mt. Takao area.
Nothing really happened.

So in 2011 actually I did not visit Japan because of the incidents. Instead I visited Amsterdam! Really two times. The first time I used ferry/bus, takes 24 hours, and this left me a bit exhausted. I was wandering around in Amsterdam one day and it was not so good.

Really only two weeks later, I visited a second time using airplane connection. But really all together it made me dislike hotels of any kind.

I do not really have a big wish to visit Amsterdam again.

Think if I had visited Fukushima in spring 2011- arriving, and a few days later…I was eventually considering it, because the Lake Inawashiro area looks like a good place for visiting. Somehow I did not…and anyway, it is still far away enough from the power plant.


Tetsumu…according to the movie intro, it is based on a true story.
It is actually set starting in the late 1980s. Then towards the end, there are cuts and now the time is early 1990s.

Somehow it also reminds me of myself and my life at that time- even if it is unrelated, I have not been in Thailand and neither in Japan.

Well that is…it was actually some kind of Thai Noodles which I bought in 1993…when I went to college. They tasted very good. I bought two packages one day. I can really still remember it.

It caused some unrest inside me. I mean it has nothing to do with the plot but I associate to my own memory.

Why is it set to these years? Eventually there was really such a story.

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