Tokyo, May 2013

A few days ago I copied 802 Megabytes on my laptop hard drive.

Photos from my stay in Japan May 2013.

Some of them were never added to internet.

I want to increase using Hatena again by the way (wrong grammar english?).

By the way, I want to use Hatena again, and increase it.

I will almost stop using facebook but eventually write a post now and then.

1. Tama river Tokyo. Near Fuchu bridge.

It is actually the line between Tokyo and Kawasaki.


2. Larger view from the Fuchu bridge


3. Daimaru building, near Tokyo station. I did not find time to walk for the palace garden.


4. Many japanese people…but can not be seen directly or identified. In Tokyo.


5. LED matrix project. Electrical wiring is completed now. More chips are added for buffering,

and to generate patterns. There is still a lot of work to do.

8 controllers run at once. 16 brightness levels for each LED. 768 LEDs all individually soldered.


More entries here soon!

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