USB gizmo…

1. USB Gizmo


It can show japanese characters! Individually programmed 5120 bits.


There is a software on the Windows PC side too.

Visual Studio C++ is used! It can link via USB.


2. Random images shown on my homepage

The redesign for my website is now completed.

I added a script to display a random picture each time.

This time, it is Streetfighter.


3. UCC Coffee

It is an old record from the year 1968!


AM ラジオ 送信機 – UCCコーヒーCM ポール・モーリア

AM radio transmitter! However it only has a very short range.

UCC Coffee TV CM


Pixiv tags:

16 beyblade

13 computer LED

12 電子工作

9 spraypaint

7 pattern

6 matrix tyson


4 artefact boy stencil 男の子

3 3d character

2 3D butane CFL clock exercize パイナップル

1 ancient astroboy Beyblade colorspace fish fuji gadget graphite HUE Hulk Iran jomon Korea lamp landscape lcd LEGO MAX pcgame pineapple portrait pyramid rainforest robot russia script scrollingmessage SEGA terrain trustee ultraviolet USB watercolor writing テーブル トランジスタ ネズミ パターン ベイブレード ランプ ループ 家 平和 幽霊 手 木 湖 紙 要約 足 電子的な


Pixiv contains beautiful illustration.

Even if there is the case, when I do not have a wish to participate.

Considering the social graces. What has become of Japan?

This is a question you can answer for yourself, when you browse Pixiv.

Maybe the main reason is overpopulation.

So, self destruction is a natural counter reaction.

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