Visual Studio 2008 – Direct2D Samples from Win7 SDK


direct2d posted by (C)takao21203

Today I downloaded the Win7 SDK.
Actually it is possible to use Visual Studio 2008 on a 1GB Intel Atom netbook.
Visual Studio Express 2013 is very slow!
But Visual Studio 2008 is useable.

The Win7 SDK includes a lot of sample source codes.

For instance Direct2D.

When I tried to compile it this night, there was an error: LNK2019 unresolved reference.

I tried a few things but after a while, I still did not have a clue.
The neccessary libraries are now listed in the solution properties so they don’t need to be added manually.

I searched the internet, and found a few references it has something to do with the SSE instructions.
There is a compiler flag to make use of these!
And that was it- the sample compiled.

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