Windows programming ebooks, DirectX11, Visual C++ 6.0


javanotes 603
A very good ebook to learn java- from the basics to advances topics (for instance Towers of Hanoi). With sample code, and exercizes. This ebook is well made, well structured, and easy to read.

Programming Windows, MFC, VisualC++, Win98
A classic book on Windows programming, with many illustrations. Still worth reading, as all the basics are explained (for instance bitmaps).

Advanced MFC Programming

Direct3D 11 is a rendering library for writing high performance 3D graphics applications using modern graphics hardware on the Windows platform. (A modifiedversion of DirectX 9 is used on the XBOX 360.) Direct3D is a low-level library in the sense that its
application programming interface (API) closely model s the underlying graphics hardware it controls. The predominant consumer of Direct3D is the games industry, where higher level rendering engines are built on top of Direct3D. However, other industries need high
performance interactive 3D graphics as well , such as medical and scientific visualization and architectural walkthrough. In addition, with every new PC being equipped with a modern graphics card, non-3 D applications are beginning to take advantage of the GPU
(graphics processing unit) to offload work to the graphics card for intensive calculations; this is known as general purpose GPU.


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