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End of September each year, various spiders can be seen to make their way inside the house.
Most people kill spiders and they are very afraid of them. But in Europe they are all harmless.
They will stay inside their webs almost all of the time even if some do wander around.
They don't bit people and they are very reclusive! Only some spiders in the U.S. actually will
hide inside clothing or beds.
You will have less insects in the house. There are always insects even if you don't see them- all
sort of dust mites, small flies and mosquitos. Or how do you think spiders can make a living?
They are actually very opportunistic- they will make a dwelling inside small holes and they will
sneak inside houses. Some really like it there and they will make webs and remain indoors all year,
while others will move outdoors again in the spring. Sometimes you can even see small eggballs.
Generally, the more spiders you see indoors, the more insects are around as well. If you don't dust off
regularily there will be small dustmites (these also like dirty clothing they really will clean any dirty
clothing within half a year after that it is nearly like washed). If you have 50 spiders just in the kitchen,
this is a serious sign you eventually have storage beetles or other pests.
Carpet moths are weird too. Not only can they also eat all sort of debris and make coccons from it as well,
they even eat old cobwebs and the spiders don't harm them.
If you have a basement or attic, remove old blackened cobwebs every two years or so- actually the spiders
don't like too many old cobwebs. After some weeks you can see fresh cobwebs.
If you don't remove these fresh cobwebs, there will be more spiders soon!
Good luck.
spider posted by (C)takao21203